A quest for what’s pure, enduring and meaningful...

Have you ever dried off with a new bath towel that you wish was warm and cozy but left you uninspired; or used one that didn’t feel anything like the plush ones you see in pictures? Maybe you even tried looking for some nice towels to add a little life to your bathroom, only to find the same boring styles, prints and colors.

So have we, and after an exhaustive search we decided to create our very own collection of what we refer to as Meaningful Living Essentials.

Our goal? To construct something pure, enduring and meaningful. Which, in bath towel terms, meant crafting buttery soft and absorbent, aesthetically-pleasing, long-lasting, ethically-sound, environmentally-friendly, and yes the most indulgent bath towels on the market. All the while giving back to society.

With that as our objective we set out to create a product that exemplified each one of those characteristics. Here’s a little recap of our journey:


Our quest to create and source bath linens that best represent who we are as a company took us on a product discovery trip to the largest gathering of bath linen producers in the industry. We wanted to learn from the best, and each day of the tradeshow we did just that.


We interviewed a large and diverse audience of weavers, manufacturers, industry experts, designers, and fellow professionals. Through this process we carefully assembled an ecosystem that would best embody our values; an ecosystem fully capable of delivering on our promise to build Meaningful Brands that forever inspire.


We started our discovery process with three main objectives:

LEARN – We wanted to soak in all the knowledge we could about towels and other bath linen products. 

COLLABORATE – We wanted to identify and establish a meaningful partner network that would align with our company values and mission.

CREATE – We wanted to assemble a product line that would delight and inspire all who use it.

We hope with this insight into 'Project ANGOCHA' you are able to walk away with a sense of confidence and comfort in knowing that our meticulous process ensures that we stay true to our mission of building Meaningful Brands that Forever Inspire. 

Until next time,