What does 'angocha' mean? A simple translation of ‘angocha’, an Indian word: a multi-purpose linen for everyday use, a Meaningful Living Essential

Pronounced “UNG-O-CHA”

For centuries, angochas have provided useful and personal value as linens that are pure and comforting both in their make up and use. Inspired by their heritage and significant value, we bring to you our line of everyday essentials.


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Your brand new ANGOCHA towels are made using high quality 100% cotton yarns to ensure better absorption and extra softness. In order to properly care for and maintain the quality of your towels, please use the following recommendations.


For best results please wash your towels on gentle or delicate cycle, clean the lint screen prior to using the dryer, and tumble dry on low.  The first few washes may generate some loose fibers (lint/fuzz), which is completely normal due to the make up of these soft cotton towels.


We recommend machine washing your towels on gentle or delicate cycle with like colors, and in warm water. Fully submerging your towels in water will result in a cleaner towel and also help prevent shed fluff from adhering to the towels. We suggest you avoid bleach and fabric softeners. Using fabric softeners will decrease the towel's absorption and cause shedding.


If you can, air-dry your towels in a well-ventilated area out of direct sunlight. This will help you cut costs and save energy too. If you machine dry your towels, for the softest, fluffiest towels, tumble dry low and remove promptly.


It is normal for new towels to loose some fibers initially. To avoid the formation of pilling select a delicate setting on your washing cycle.


Premium quality towels stand out for the soft cotton used in their production. Due to this, they cannot be 100% resistant to shrinkage. Stretch and shape the towels with your hands while still damp and repeat this process when dry. The temperature of your dryer should be set to low in order to avoid overheating the cotton.


Occasionally it is normal to get a loose thread. Do not pull on loose threads. It is best to simply cut them off. Avoid washing towels with other clothing items with zips or hooks as they may snag the towels.

Also refer to the care label on your towel for best results.