Meaningful Living Essentials

Founded under the commitment to offer useful, personal, everyday products, our line of ANGOCHA Lifestyle and Campus bath linens are as pure, comforting and memorable as a loving embrace. Choosing to use these bath linens will be one of the most effortlessly satisfying decisions you make each day. 




Each towel is crafted with precision using lasting materials that are gentle and indigenous to our environment. With each ANGOCHA towel purchased, we give $2 directly to people and causes most in need of a helping hand. Ultimately, our desire is to forever inspire and give back through everyday products of uncompromising quality.  

Our mission is to build meaningful brands that forever inspire.

Our Team

Our story begins in the beautiful Pacific Northwest with a founding team of individuals from diverse backgrounds bound together to:

  • Create something meaningful beyond self
  • Offer products of enduring quality
  • Utilize our abilities to help those in need
  • Build personal and collective brands that are meaningful and inspirational

Curious about our name 'angocha'? Get the lowdown on the meaning and how we were inspired by its heritage here.