Loom to Laundry

Our journey to the loom was conceptualized in the heart of the Pacific Northwest from the minds of Coug entrepreneurs with one mission - to build meaningful brands that forever inspire.
We began the design process with the help of the industry's best and brightest minds at one of the largest textile trade shows in the world. As we explored and learned, we kept one goal at the forefront - to create useful, meaningful products that forever inspire and have everyday purpose for the modern lifestyle i.e. Meaningful Living Essentials.
It was equally important to source pure materials, ensure our towels were crafted with fair labor, positive environmental stewardship, and socially conscious business practices. 
From Loom to Laundry here is a visual glimpse into the creation of each ANGOCHA bath towel where the process begins with pure 100% cotton yarn.
Building the warp: Think of it as establishing the foundation/base for the cotton pile and fibers that you feel against your skin when using a towel.
Weaving: This is where the toweling surface (what you feel against your skin when using a towel) takes shape and the patterns emerge.
Washing: Once constructed, the towels are fed in machines that can wash hundreds of feet of material.  These machines operate similar to our washing machines at home but on a much larger scale.
Drying: The towels are now put through the drying process as shown below. Think of it as a large air blower that the towels pass through similar to a car wash.
Quality Check: After drying, a quality check is performed to look for flaws in construction, surface quality, color, dimensions, etc. This is a meticulous process that utilizes both technology and a keen human eye to spot imperfection.
Cutting: Once quality checked, the towels pass through a machine that cuts the entire fabric width to the single bath towel widths.
Sew and Tag: Single width towel lengths are now processed through machines that sew the edges, apply care labels and sew the towel ends. Your custom WSU towels are further reinforced with hand-sewn trims. This is also the stage where personal care is put in to ensure that the rounded corners are just right.
Laundry: Once you receive your indulgent custom WSU towels, we recommend that you wash them before their first use.  Please know that with each towel you purchase you help share in our mission!
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